Something Stinks in the Nat-ion!

I just stumbled upon a blog that pissed me off.

Then I realized I know the blogger from another blog site.

The blogger is a manipulative, whiny, fake, bimbo, idiot who is clearly desperate for attention from one gender over another.

In the next breath, the blogger complains:

“Oh, poor me! Don’t treat me bad. Don’t expect anything from me. I’m so pretty but don’t give me the attention I’ve been begging for!”

Blogger, your insincerity is stinking up the internet.

Grow up and stop being such a needy idiot. You ain’t all that. And I’ve seen your pics. You ain’t in your twenties, fake.

I read a heartbreaking story of surviving abuse on one blog one day. Then just a couple days later the blogger wrote the same story, almost verbatim.

That makes me sick.


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